District 3 Projects 2013-2016/17

Sidewalks Constructed

  • Bobe Street
  • H Street (from Scott to Cross)
  • Hollywood Blvd ( from Massachusetts to Fletcher Dr)
  • Massachusetts Avenue (from Pace Blvd to W St)
  • Montclair Neighborhood
  • Untreiner avenue (from Detroit Blvd to 9 Mile Rd)
  • V Street
  • Jackson Street
  • W Street
  • West Scott Street

Total: $445,556.97

Drainage Projects

  • Avery Street
  • Delano Road
  • Englewood Neighborhood
  • Ensley Phase II-IV
  • Figland Avenue
  • Jordan & P Street
  • L Street Pond Expansion
  • Maplewoods
  • Massachusetts Avenue
  • Michael Drive
  • Wingfoot/Capitol Blvd
  • West Lloyd Street

Total: $6,674,370.07

Roadway/Bridge Projects

  • Airway Drive
  • Burgess Road
  • Cove Avenue & Detroit Blvd Bridge Replacement
  • Detroit Blvd Safety Upgrades
  • E Street (from Leonard to Cervantes)
  • Olive Road Improvements
  • Palafox Turn Lane
  • Animal Shelter Turn Lane
  • Johnson Avenue Bridge
  • Massachusettes Avenue Intersection Improvements

Total: $9,832.522.21

Resurfaced Roads

  • Redwing Drive
  • Hood Drive
  • Hancock Lane
  • Ferguson Drive
  • Ferguson Court
  • Ladybird Lane
  • Coleman Road
  • Luther Street
  • Mockingbird Lane

Pending Completion:

  • Mazurek Blvd
  • Old Nusery Way
  • Meyer Way
  • Havre Way
  • Guerlain Way
  • Florelle Way
  • Ellysee Way
  • Deauville Way
  • Belair Road
  • Charmonte Way
  • Le Moyne Lane
  • Monpellier Drive
  • Sawyer Street

Total: $2.2 million


  • Upgrades to Ensley, Lincoln, Ebonwood, Englewood and Montclair Parks
  • Supported developing a maintenance schedule for ball fields

Street Lights

  • Brownsville, Ensley, Brentwood, Montclair, Palafox areas – Englewood, Ebonwood and Gary Circle retrofitting with LED lights – over 680 lights – total 236,000

Sewer Project 2016

  • Brownsville – $337,000 – to include 70 homes and 10 businesses


  • Established the Community Redevelopment Area “Clean Sweep” Program for summer 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, creating 28 temporary employment/training opportunities for constituents in District 3
  • First time Summer Youth Camps in the history of Escambia County beginning in June of 2014 – Wedgewood, Ebonwood, Brownsville and Dorrie Miller Centers which created two full time county positions and 4 temporary summer positions
  • First time Senior Programs – Ebonwood and Wedgewood community centers
  • Internship Program – allows each district to hire intern(s) for training/mentoring
  • Created Community Redevelopment Districts in Ensley and Oakfield areas which will allow for more enhanced services such as, street lights, roof repair, weatherization and assistance with sanitary sewer connection
  • Established a “Direct Assistance Program” offering assistance to citizens with utilities, rent, mortgage and medication
  • Supported Improvements to the Englewood Neighborhood Association building to include new flooring, tables, chairs and construction of a safe walkway area
  • Supported Ebonwood Community Center Improvements to include tables, chairs, painting, park benches, bicycle stands and ice machine
  • Supported residents of Wedgewood and worked with DEP and the Board of County Commissioners to address environmental concerns with landfills. Circuit Judge ruled in favor of county and citizens and ordered Rolling Hills to close
  • Supported mothers of Montclair and other areas through May’s Message in their fight against crime
  • Encouraged Oakwood Terrace Management to build a community center that would offer educational and training opportunities to its tenants – center constructed 2016
  • 16 clean sweeps – allowing residents to dispose of unwanted items and encouraging residents to keep neighborhoods clean
  • Weekly community outreach on WRNE Radio
  • Stood firm on relocation of Escambia County Jail to support economic development for the Englewood area
  • Voted to purchase the Brownsville Community Center for future use as a job training, recreation and cultural arts facility – renovation summer 2016 – scheduled completion – January 2017 – 1.3 million dollar project