District 3 Issues

Clean and Safe Neighborhoods

Growing up on the west side of Pensacola, Lumon May understands the importance of clean, safe neighborhoods. Clearing vacant properties and bringing more street lights makes it harder for crime to take root in our neighborhoods. May will continue working to fix problems with flooding and drainage in our communities, so our homes and businesses have the same protection that others do.

Positive Opportunities for Youth

From helping to bring two new community centers to Pensacola, to purchasing property to build an additional resource center in Brownsville, Lumon May is leading the way to keep create positive opportunities that keep our young people off the streets and out of trouble. As a youth sports leader and coach, May understands that keeping children on the right path now means helping them get a job and take care of their own families in the future.

Supporting Small Businesses

Just because Wall Street or parts of Pensacola are doing well doesn’t mean that everyone is getting ahead. As our commissioner, Lumon May has been a strong voice in standing up for local community establishments and minority-owned businesses. Helping neighborhood companies expand or grow is the best way to help our neighbors find work, and Lumon May is leading that fight.