Delivering Results

For a more complete list of the results that Lumon May has delivered for District 3, click here

Better Jobs and Housing Options

Lumon May has worked with leaders across the region to create good jobs, job training programs, and bring new businesses to our area. He’s also pushed to improve homes for seniors and create more housing opportunities for families.

Lumon has supported local economic development programs to bring new jobs to our community and train workers for the jobs of tomorrow. He has been a leader in helping to repair existing homes and bring more affordable living options to families and seniors.

Better Quality of Life – For All of Us

Thanks to Lumon May, our district has benefitted from over $25 million dollars in neighborhood improvements. These improvements include paving roads, building new sidewalks, installing better street lighting and slowing down traffic in neighborhoods. 

Lumon helped lead the way in creating the Brownsville Community Center, providing much-needed services and recreation for residents on the west side of Pensacola. He also spearheaded the construction of the Theophalis May Community Center, which serves hundreds of young people through sports, recreation, and academic programs.

Fighting for Fairness and Opportunity

As a small business owner himself, Lumon knows how important it is for local and minority companies to be able to grow and succeed. That’s why he has fought for more workforce inclusion, neighborhood-focused public safety, and apprentice programs for building trades workers. 

Lumon also sponsored the Covenant with the Community initiative for Escambia County. This gives local and minority businesses the chance to compete for local government contracts…and to create jobs for our community.